Peter Urbach Meets Ada Wilson

Ada Wilson reading at a special preview event held on 9th November 2011 at The Red Shed in Wakefield. On the right hand side of the backdrop, the man in the hat is Peter Urbach, agent provocateur and narrator of Red Army Faction Blues. Love the way he’s eyeing Ada, ‘Wait a minute…’ Noted and filed.

Urbach disappeared after he outed himself by appearing as a witness for the prosecution in the trial against Horst Mahler in the Spring of 1971. The only known contact with him since then was a telephone conversation he had with Rainer Langhans twenty years later. He enigmatically said, ‘If only you knew Rainer, if only you knew.’  If you are out there somewhere Peter, we’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “Peter Urbach Meets Ada Wilson

  1. Damn, damn, damn, just spotted your message on facebook for the first time re: attending this, really sorry I missed it. Hope it was an excellent night.

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