Soundchecks Music Review

A full and detailed review by Andrew Darlington in Soundchecks Music Review.

‘As Ada Wilson reads excerpts from his novel Red Army Faction Blues there are projected movie-shapes crawling and slithering all over him, as though he’s a living sequence from Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable. At this book-launch at Wakefield’s Red Shed, in the shiny new consumerist-shadow of Trinity Walk, Ada wears a Ché beret and a commie-red T-shirt. The light-show film he’s reading against is screening Rainer Langhan’s tactile-atmospheric Revolution agit-prop DIY-movie, an evocative add-on documenting and delving back into those far-past chaotic ‘Kommune 1’ years, because Red Army Faction Blues is a kind of ‘speculative history’ of that time.

As fellow Wakefield scribe David Peace proclaims on the book-cover, this is “a moment in history, the moment when terrorism became the new rock ‘n’ roll.” And it is. It’s a cleverly-crafted factional novel choreographing aspects of the early-1970s German ‘Baader-Meinhof’ thing, and the event-ripples it sent out through time, tying it all in with the mythic mind-games of Peter Green in Munich, his subsequent exit from Fleetwood Mac, from sanity, and from the world.’

Click here to read the full review.

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