Uschi and Rainer

Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans are often cited as the German blueprint for John and Yoko. Here they are frolicking far from the trouble brewing in Berlin. The song is ‘Jorge Regula’ by The Moldy Peaches.

And Uschi Obermaier arriving after the Essen music festival, hand in hand with Rainer. Essen, so pure, with its straw mattresses, its tents and bonfires. The Fugs, Pink Floyd, Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll, Tangerine Dream, Frank Zappa. And Uschi, shaking her maracas with the droning Munich band Amon Düül. Part of a women’s commune. A very new idea that many did not take kindly to. Uschi, a focus for Rainer’s ideas.

The revolution of the revolutionary. K1. The brand. The corporation. Fraternising with the enemy.

Uschi Obermaier, bare-breasted, poured into her denims.

Sex. The kind of sex the pack with the pads and pencils demanded.

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